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"Coach Allner was the most inspirational coach in my life because he did not need to yell, threaten or try to intimidate. He did not make you try and play like another player from the past. He made your weaknesses your strengths and your strengths stronger. I learned what I had to do on and off the field to succeed."

- Terrance C

"Mitch is a consummate professional. He led us through the College Promoters process expertly. He is totally hands-on and guided my daughter from beginning to end.. Because of Mitch, my daughter began communicating with several D1 schools. He opened doors to opportunities we could not have alone. Because of his efforts, she has committed to the college of her choice. If you have a child who has athletic potential at the collegiate level, contact Mitch!"

- Chad G

I had the honor of playing for Coach Allner back in 2011 with the Tulsa Talons. Coach Allner is not only one of the most knowledgeable & passionate coaches with tremendous contacts at every level, but more importantly, Coach Allner truly cares and goes above and beyond to help all of his athletes navigate their athletic careers and any obstacles that present themselves along the way.

- Marco C

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